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                                           Wireless Printer Tips



Wireless Printer Tips
Having a wireless network printer has several benefits.
There is the obvious benefit of not needing wires to
connect to the printer. While it is possible to share a
printer via a network connection, having a wireless printer
connection adds flexibility to the network. In a traditional
computer sharing the printer, the host computer for the
printer would need to be turned on in order to use the printer.
You do not have this restriction with a wireless network printer.

Wireless Printer Adapter
A wireless printer adapter is a device which allows your printer
to be linked on a wireless network. The printer involved will need
to be a USB printer. The most common technology used with
wireless printer adapters is Bluetooth. There are a variety of
adapters available, depending on the needed range and number
of computers needed to network with the printer.

Adding a printer to a wireless network is the same
as adding any other device. You will need to have
a wireless printer adapter which is compatible with
your printer. Generally speaking, you will need a USB
printer. If your printer comes with a built in wireless
Ethernet adapter, then you will not need to use a
wireless printer adapter You will need to use a
wireless print server to connect to the rest of the network..

Wireless Inkjet Printer
Almost any printer can become a wireless printer.
If your printer has a USB connector, there are several
wireless printer adapters that you can purchase
that simply plug into the printer and you are
instantly on the wireless network!














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