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Wireless Headset Tips
The best wireless headset for you will depend on your needs
and how often you will use it. For a cell phone wireless headset,
you will want to look for a blue tooth headset, as that is the
industry standard. Other features to consider include:
Comfortable fit
Features you require
Within your price range
Compatible with your current cell phone.
If you need a wireless headset with a landline telephone,
you need to consider some alternate options:
What brand name are you most comfortable with?
Wireless headsets for your regular phone come from
various manufacturers including Plantronics,
GN Netcom and Polycom.
How much desk space you want it to take up?
How much range it needs to have (how large is your office)
You may not have considered it, but you can also get a headset
for your computer. If you use Skype or any of the other nifty
computer phone call programs, you may have a headset
plugged into your desktop or laptop already, but wireless
may make your life much more flexible.

Wireless Headset: Bluetooth
Bluetooth is another wireless standard, mostly used for
short range connectivity. You will often find Bluetooth
technology in printers, cell phones and wireless headsets.
Its range is significantly shorter then other wireless technology,
about 30 feet. It is less expensive then other Wi-Fi standards
and works well for many home offices. This is why Bluetooth
has been included in many wireless headsets - but beware
of that range, you don't want to wander too far from your
source and lose you call.

Reasons to Use a Wireless Headset
A wireless headset offers you significantly more freedom
while you talk on your cell phone or regular phone.
By plugging in the wireless adaptor, you can walk all over
your home or office. The benefits in an office environment
are clear, but these are also great for stay at home parents
who may be chasing an active toddler all over the house!
The car is another obvious location for the use of a wireless
Good wireless headsets come equipped with volume control
and answer buttons and they should be small and fit comfortably
over your ear. They should be snug enough so you don't have
to worry about the headset slipping off your ear or falling to
the ground.

Problems with Wireless Headset
If your wireless headset is having performance issues,
there are a few things you can check.
Make sure your telephone or ell phone is within
range and not overly obstructed.
Check to make sure your cell phone battery is
charged and you are receiving a good signal.
Typically, with wireless headsets you will have
multiple channels from which to select the best signal,
so make sure that you have switched around to see
which is best and that you aren't still on the default channel.
Make sure you try your phone without the headset
on at all to ensure that the line or signal is strong.
Finally, check to make sure the batteries in the
wireless headset are charged.

Wireless Headset
A wireless headset is a small device you slip over your ear
that allows you to talk via your cell phone, but hands free.
Using the blue tooth technology standard, wireless headsets
offer an excellent range and great hands free features.
These wireless headsets have been especially popular with
commuters and people who need to use their cell phones in their car.
The increased safety afforded when you are using both hands to
drive makes the investment in one of the headsets an easy decision.
Additionally, you aren't hampered by an annoying cord which can
also be hazardous if you need full range of motion to avoid a
potential car accident.














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