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What is a DVR or Digital Video Recorder?




If you are interested to record and save your favorite TV
program with best quality (audio and video) then your
choice will be a DVR (Digital video Recorder) for high
quality result. A DVR you can say a latest technology
after VCR, Its main functions just like a VCR. DVR
offers up to 500 GB hard drive fitted to data save and
also with option of 2nd hard drive for program recording.
There are many advantages to having a digital video recorder.
For Example: you can recording your program with better
quality and same time you can record one program and view
another show. it can operate of Live, recording, playback,
backup, network and copy. A normal DVR can records up
to 120/100 frames per second and with built-in DVD-RW
or CD-RW support. By using Digital Video Recorder you
can quickly locate the show, stop, pause, play and rewind
live TV shows. A DVR can supports recording mode like
Manual, Schedule/ Motion detection and Sensor. You can
also connect it to your network because it can work with
10/100 Base Ethernet, TCP/IP and DHCP.
If you are using digital video recorder for recording, your
can easily skip the TV commercials, any unwanted part
of show and forward it without disturbing your recording.
Yon can run it using your native language because DVR
supports many languages like English, Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, Spanish, polish , Russian and many others. A good
feature for recording you can record a program with different
resolutions for example 360x240, 720x240, 720x480,
360x288, 720x288, 720x576.














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