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                                                 Microsoft Office Tips



Remove All Formatting in Two Easy Steps,
Navigate Word Documents by Using the Table of Contents,
Find Shortcuts to Useful Word Features on the Status Bar,
Use the Mail Merge Wizard to Make Mass Mailings Easy,
View or Modify Formatting with the Task Pane,
Place Tables in Adjacent Columns,
Display Precise Table Measurements in the Ruler,
Modify Styles Consecutively in a Word Document,
View Multiple Pages in Word,
Format Copied Text the Way You Wish,
Make Graphics Line up More Precisely with Text,
Handy Shortcuts for Navigating in Word,
Customize Comment Text in Word,
Adjust Table Placement in Word,
Double-Click to Modify Bullets and Numbering,
Create Your Own Custom Word Templates,
Specify Spacing Between Sentences in Word,
Position Clip Art in Word Using Text Boxes,
Smart Tags Bring Outlook Features to Word,
Get Easy Access to Documents You Use Often,
Align Shapes in Your Word Document Using Gridlines,
Customize Grammar and Writing Style in Word,
Handy Shortcuts for Word Users,
Navigate Long Documents Easily with Hidden Bookmarks,
Hide White Space for More Screen Space,
Add Watermarks to Your Word Documents,
Translate Your Word Documents—Pronto!,
Add a Map to Your Word Document Using MapPoint,
Modify Your Custom Dictionary in Word,
Check Spelling in Another Language,
Select Nonconsecutive Items in Word 2002,
Reveal and Adjust Text Formatting in Word 2002,
Track Word Count as You Work,
Avoid Inadvertently Opening Web Pages in Word,
Lengthen Your List of Recently Used Documents,
Resume Numbering Easily Using Smart Tags,
Copy an Excel Table and its Formatting in Word,














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