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Health And Beauty Tips
3 Holiday Makeup Looks
Adverse food reactions
Allergic rhinitis
Anaphylactic shock adults
At the scene of an accident
Avoiding allergens
Babies failing to thrive
Back injuries
Children and young people
ColdMediDangerous Infants
Colds and flu
Disguise a Double Chin
Drinking Coffee Helps Fight Alzheimer's,
Drug allergy
Eye Allergies
Finding the time
Foods th8Lower Cholesterol
Grass-Fed Beef The Natural Alternative
Head Injury
Heart Attack
Help for Tired Eyes
Hepatitis C
How much exercise do I need
Injuries and treatment
Look Younger by Morning
Lung cancer cases
Maintaining  target weight
Makeup Tricks 4 Dark Skin
Match Makeup 2 Your Outfit
Moving on
Opening airway
Perfect Lipstick
Fixes CommonHair Problem
Recovery position
Risky Business for Teens
Sensible slimming
Sleep Disorders
Summer hay fever
Supporting someone with cancer
Tips to give up smoking
Venom allergies
What's the right activity 4me
Why get fit
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                                                      Health And Beauty



Help for Tired Eyes

Wake up your face with our tips for sleepy Eyes.
Getting enough sleep? Sure, you may be if you're on vacation,
but in everyday life, chances are a busy schedule packed with
obligations is taking a chunk out of your rest time. And while you
can probably jump-start your mind and body when you're too tired,
your eyes don't lie. Red, droopy, dark-circled eyes are a telltale
sign of exhaustion, bringing your whole look down a notch.
But reviving those tired eyes is as easy as following these
simple steps.

Step 1: Ditch the contacts. If you're a regular lens-wearer, you
know that contacts can cause eyes to become red and dry on their own.
When coupled with too little sleep, the effect can be jarring.
So on those tired days, skip the contacts to avoid redness and
irritation. Bonus: Glasses help camouflage tired eyes.

Step 2: Give eyes a shot of moisture. A few drops of natural tears
(available at drugstores) can lubricate sleepy eyes, giving them the
appearance of brightness. Some natural tears even contain an
ingredient that constricts blood vessels, "taking the red out."

Step 3: Shadow strategically. Once you've prepped your eyes,
play up the awake look with makeup. Think light and bright:
That is, use shadows that are light in color and bright with a hint
of shimmer. Both qualities help eyes to look awake. Sweep a
bone or banana shadow from lashline to browbone, and lightly
contour the crease with a medium-toned shade.

Step 4: Line right. Makeup artists use two tricks to make eyes
look brighter: navy liner on top lashes, and a nude or white pencil
on the lower rim of the eye. Navy liner makes the whites of your
eyes look even whiter than they are, and a subtle swipe of white
or nude pencil on the lower rim furthers that effect. Tip: Tote
along your nude or white pencil for during-the-day touchups.

Step 5: Curl lashes. To really make eyes pop, use an eyelash
curler and a curling mascara in tandem. This combo will help
lashes sweep up and out, instantly making you look more awake.

Step 6: Pencil in the finishing touch. Take a close look at any photo
of a female celebrity who's out for a big event. Her eyes look big
and bright, right? Look even closer and you'll see that this is due to
a bit of shimmer in the inner corner of the eye-shimmer that reflects
against the skin, causing peepers to light up. Get this effect by dotting
a white shimmer pencil lightly under the inner corners of your eyes.
Use your ring finger to blend lightly.


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