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Health And Beauty Tips
3 Holiday Makeup Looks
Adverse food reactions
Allergic rhinitis
Anaphylactic shock adults
At the scene of an accident
Avoiding allergens
Babies failing to thrive
Back injuries
Children and young people
ColdMediDangerous Infants
Colds and flu
Disguise a Double Chin
Drinking Coffee Helps Fight Alzheimer's,
Drug allergy
Eye Allergies
Finding the time
Foods th8Lower Cholesterol
Grass-Fed Beef The Natural Alternative
Head Injury
Heart Attack
Help for Tired Eyes
Hepatitis C
How much exercise do I need
Injuries and treatment
Look Younger by Morning
Lung cancer cases
Maintaining  target weight
Makeup Tricks 4 Dark Skin
Match Makeup 2 Your Outfit
Moving on
Opening airway
Perfect Lipstick
Fixes CommonHair Problem
Recovery position
Risky Business for Teens
Sensible slimming
Sleep Disorders
Summer hay fever
Supporting someone with cancer
Tips to give up smoking
Venom allergies
What's the right activity 4me
Why get fit
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                                                      Health And Beauty



Back injuries

Injuries to the spine can cause paralysis, so first aiders must treat
suspected back injuries very carefully.

What are they?
The spine, or backbone, protects the spinal cord, which controls
many body functions. Back injuries can be caused by pinching or
displacement of nerves, or by spinal fracture.

Suspect a spinal injury after an awkward fall or awkward injury.
Look for:

Localised tenderness around the back or neck

Shooting pains in casualty's limbs

Limbs feeling heavy or tingling

Loss of sensation in limbs below level of injury

Breathing difficulties

First aid aims

Prevent further injury

Get casualty to hospital

Actions if casualty is conscious

Do not attempt to move casualty
Call 999

Offer reassurance

Steady and support casualty's head in your hands

Actions if casualty is unconscious

Check airway and breathing

Place casualty in modified recovery position if you have help

Actions if casualty stops breathing

Call 999

Open airway

Check for breathing again

Give resuscitation until help arrives

Broken bones - child
Broken bones always need professional attention, but there's
action you can take immediately to help the casualty.

Because children tend to put their arms out as they fall, arms,
elbows and wrists are where breaks tend to occur.


Intense pain

Inability to use the limb

Bruising or deformity at site of the break

Actions - broken arm

Sit child down

Ask them to support injured arm with other hand

Put a pad between arm and chest

Put injured arm in a sling

Place a broad-fold bandage over sling and around arm
and chest

Take child to hospital

Actions - broken leg

Lay child down and support leg at ankle and knee joints - by
hand if an ambulance is expected soon, or on a chair if not

Steady injured leg with padding

Put rolled-up blankets outside injured limb and between legs

Keep child warm

Call 999


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