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Health And Beauty Tips
3 Holiday Makeup Looks
Adverse food reactions
Allergic rhinitis
Anaphylactic shock adults
At the scene of an accident
Avoiding allergens
Babies failing to thrive
Back injuries
Children and young people
ColdMediDangerous Infants
Colds and flu
Disguise a Double Chin
Drinking Coffee Helps Fight Alzheimer's,
Drug allergy
Eye Allergies
Finding the time
Foods th8Lower Cholesterol
Grass-Fed Beef The Natural Alternative
Head Injury
Heart Attack
Help for Tired Eyes
Hepatitis C
How much exercise do I need
Injuries and treatment
Look Younger by Morning
Lung cancer cases
Maintaining  target weight
Makeup Tricks 4 Dark Skin
Match Makeup 2 Your Outfit
Moving on
Opening airway
Perfect Lipstick
Fixes CommonHair Problem
Recovery position
Risky Business for Teens
Sensible slimming
Sleep Disorders
Summer hay fever
Supporting someone with cancer
Tips to give up smoking
Venom allergies
What's the right activity 4me
Why get fit
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                                                      Health And Beauty



Allergic rhinitis

Perennial allergic rhinitis is usually triggered by indoor allergens
such as house dust mite and pet skin flakes. It's similar to hay fever
the allergen causes inflammation and irritation of the delicate linings
in the nose and eyes.

More and more people are developing allergic rhinitis. Some have
symptoms all year round, while others have seasonal symptoms
(such as hayfever). As with asthma and eczema, it can run in families.

What causes it?
Perennial allergic rhinitis starts in early childhood and occurs all year
round. It's caused by allergy to the droppings of house dust mites or
pet skin flakes. Occasionally, indoor mould spores and, in rare cases,
food allergy can be causes.

There is often a family predisposition to developing rhinitis and other

What are the symptoms?
The following symptoms can be observed:

Symptoms of a 'permanent cold'

Blocked stuffy nose

Headaches and earache

Constant sore throats and postnasal drip

Sleep disturbances and snoring

Loss of taste and smell

Poor concentration

What's the treatment?
Low-dose steroid nasal sprays and nose drops are the most effective
treatment, but need to be used continuously on a daily basis
throughout the year.

Decongestant tablets and sprays will help relieve a stuffy, blocked
nose with catarrh, but should be used for short periods only.

Antihistamine medication may help

Antihistamine medication may help, but it's more effective for hay fever.
Anti-allergy nasal sprays and eye drops are ineffective in perennial
allergic rhinitis. Ipratropium nasal sprays treat the constantly 'dripping'
nose of rhinitis.

Immunotherapy, when available, might be considered in severe house
dust mite allergic rhinitis.

Can I prevent it?
The only way to prevent perennial allergic rhinitis is to avoid the allergen
that causes it. Allergy testing is, therefore, important to identify the exact
indoor allergen that provokes the allergy.


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